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Hi-Tech Photographic Chemistry.

Film Chemistry:

C41, C41NP

This is a classical series of C41 process. This is also the best and most economical chemistry available. Non-plumbing chemistry is also available as NP series. Although the processing time of this series is the longest, however, because of the separate operation of each chemical and thorough wash between baths, this series hardly has any trouble. You require an older machine to use this series of chemistry. Chemical effluents from this series are highly regenerate-able.

C41B, C41BNP

This series is similar to C41 except the bleach time is shorter by one minute. Most medium old machines use this series of chemistry.


Most new machines use this series of chemistry. The processing time is the shortest because of fastest bleach and fix chemicals are used.

Fuji 23

This series is similar to C41NP except the last 3 minutes of bleach and fix are combined. This series must be used on Fuji 23 machines.


Paper Chemistry:

High Performance

This series of chemistry can be used on any modern paper. Special Hi-Tech developing agents make this series superior than any similar products. Good oxidation prevention technique makes this series very durable. High quality water softening chemicals and high contamination prevention technology gives natural colour. Zero tar technology gives perfect ultra clean and white print. Complex antifog technology gives high contrast to your print.


This series is very environmental friendly with no compromise on quality. Low iron content in the bleach/fix is very favorable to the bacteria in the sewage system.


This series is design for economy with no compromise on picture quality. Although our price is the lowest, the performance is the highest when compared to our competitors.


This series is unique and first in the world. Hi-Tech has developed a technology of creating a virtual 4th B&W emulsion selectively super imposed only in the shadow area. The image contrast can be increase. Special control technology gives more brilliant colour. This series of chemistry requires precision monitoring and control. Therefore, it is sell only to selected customers.


This series is for older type of paper that is already obsolete. Hi-tech can supply the chemistry as long as you have the paper. Because of high silver content of the old paper, this series gives better colour gradation.

Extended Time

This series is for using on older machines originally designed for process EP2 chemistry, which has not been fully converted to RA process. The extended developing time favors the new type RA paper although it is processing in an EP2 machine.

B&W Chemistry:

Hi-tech can supply any B&W chemistry for film or paper formulated equivalent in performance to any leading brand, such as Kodak D72, D76, Ilford ID11, Agfa A100, etc.

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