Zero Effluent & Anti-oxidation
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Do you know that your waste chemistry still contains 99% usable chemical? You have to replace them because you must keep your tank fresh. If you dispose them to the sewage system, you are actually dumping your money away. Hi-Tech can transfer you the zero effluent technology and anti-oxidation technology at zero cost to you. Zero effluent means you can consume your chemical to allowable maximum. There will be very little waste chemical to be dumped. Therefore, your cost to purchase new chemical can be reduced to as much as 90%.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are the biggest enemy to your chemistry. They can turn your chemical bad in six weeks time. Hi-Tech zero effluent technology different to other people's technology because we can fight oxygen and carbon dioxide. We have developed low oxidation rate and low stain chemistry, which will last much longer than our competitors. If your chemical turned bad, we can treat your bad chemical to recover them as good as new. Our system works on any make of chemistry. That is you can keep on using your present brand of chemistry without switching.

Protect our environment, reduce your cost, give your old chemistry unlimited new life. For further inquiry, please contact

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