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Hi-Tech Chemistry is good for low volume business?

Quality first:
To improve your quality; boost up yours sales; you must invest your chemicals smartly. The secret of success on photofinishing business is you must have fresh chemicals to keep your product in top quality. Using low price to attract customer can bring in high volume. Although high volume can keep your chemical fresh, but you would also put yourself working for peanuts. Improper control of chemicals, dirty processor, unskillful printing can send your customers away even you have very low price. Experience has shown customers want quality.

Low volume can cause Trouble:
To keep your chemical fresh with low volume of business seems to be impossible. When your volume is low, chemical can turn bad on you in six weeks time because of oxidation. Your chemicals can become very dirty. It can stain your customer's picture. You could also under-develop their film. Your pictures look flat because of exhausted chemical. Customers can turn away from you because of poor quality. In order to keep your print quality; you have to dump the chemistry every once in a while, which will eats away your profit. You have also created environmental trouble. To keep your photos clean and white, you must keep on washing the processor racks, replace filters, etc. You are doing hard labour job.

Why Hi-Tech:
Hi-Tech Ultra Clean and White chemistry can bring in profit to you; improve your quality; reduce your hard labour. Combining with Hi-Tech zero effluent technology, and anti-oxidation technology. Hi-Tech has developed a totally different system, which can fight oxygen and carbon dioxide. Only Hi-Tech working tank maintenance series of chemical can prevent and reverse oxidation. We can bring your chemical back into unlimited new life. Your chemicals will be year round fresh even you have very low volume of business. You can always get top quality while cost you much less than your competitor. They would not be able to compete with you even they charge lower prices than you do. You could be more selective to your customers, because you have quality and lower cost. Our low oxidation Ultra Clean and White chemistry will eliminate your hard labour too. We guarantee your first photo in every morning will be absolutely clean and white without any paper pre-run. This will save you paper plus time. Because of you are no longer needed to wash the racks as much as before, you will have much more money and time to get vacations.

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