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Hi-Tech photo chemistries use ingredients which are harmless.

Do not get scared by your supplier:
Your chemistry supplier always tells you how toxic are your photo chemistry. They try to make you feel that no body can handle the chemistry but their licensed truck. Their purpose is to keep you from knowing your chemistry too much such that they can take advantage of selling the product exclusively to you. Also, they can claim aids from government by showing to the politician what a good job they have done on protecting the environment. By recollecting the valuable waste chemistry from you at zero cost. They can regenerate them at minimum cost and make a huge profit by reselling.

Hi-tech can teach you how to regenerate your own chemistry in five minutes. You can save up to 90% by doing your own regeneration. To make it even more simple, Hi-tech can teach you how to regenerate the chemistry right in your processing tank such that you can reduce your workload to minimum. No waste chemistry to handle, low effluent to sewage, high quality pictures, maximum utilization of chemistry, very environmental friendly, minimum cost.

Our ethics.
Some other manufacturer uses scaring techtacs to keep their customers out with other manufacturer's chemistry by saying other people's chemistry can damage their machines. In fact, all photo chemistry are corrosive. Most processor tanks are made of plastic or stainless steel. These material can resist corrosion.
Hi-tech uses a different philosophy to deal with our customer. We build our relationship through strong technical support, 100% know how, no scaring techtics, no legal binding as those watch color system, gives you minimum cost, highest quality and very environmental friendly.

Environmental friendly:
How environmental friendly? Let's look at the ingredients of our chemistry. Please note, we are using almost the same formula as any other manufacturers. Our formula are not especially environmental friendlier or better performance. These chemicals have been traditionally used for many years.

Hi-tech uses:
Potassium bicarbonate: You can use it to make soft drink, cakes etc. Potassium is an essential element in human body and plants.

Potassium carbonate: You can use them to make noddles.

Potassium hydroxide: It is a very corrosive compound. You can use it to drain toilet and sink. Make soap. After absorbing carbon dioxide in air, it will become harmless.

Ammonium thiosulphate: It is an antidote of cyanide. It can save your life even if you have drunk the most poisonous substance in the world.

Ammonium ferric EDTA: It can be used as fertilizer to carry iron to the plants. It can also be used as medicine to cure iron defficiency.

Ammonium ferric PDTA: Same as above. But it has much less iron contents. It is a very environmental friendly.

Acetic acid: 5% acetic acid is known as vinegar.

P aminal derivative: It is a very irritating substance. The toxic property is similar to poison ivy. People with skin alergy should avoid contact. This substance is biodegradable.

Formaldehyde: Can cause cancer. No longer used in new formula.

Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium bromide, ammonium bromide: Sodium chloride is table salt. Bromide can also found in sea salt.

Some of the above chemicals can be purchased from the super market and drug stores. Hi-tech uses chemicals that are specially make for photographic purpose. They are stronger, higher concentration, and purer.

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