Why Concentrate, not Premix
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Can you read A, B, C? Do you know how make Jello?
If your answer is yes, you are good enough to switch to Hi-Tech Photo Chemistry.
If your answer is no. You have to spend more money.

Hi-Tech photo chemistries are all shipped in concentrated solution form with minimum water contents.

Advantages of Hi-Tech concentrated chemistries are:
1. Saves shipping cost.
2. Saves storage space.
3. Very long shelf life, usually 3-20 Years.
4. No heavy weight to handle; only 5% of a mixed solution.
5. Consistent quality.
6. Very simple mixing instructions, saves time on mixing.
7. Stays fresh for longer time than premix.
8. Lower prices because of less packaging and shipping requirement.
9. No hazardous dust.
10. Come with returnable or recyclable bottles.

Why not premix?
1. Very short shelf life. Usually 6 weeks.
2. You may not notice even if it has turned bad. The longer the time, the less contrast it has.
3. Some premix are regenerated chemistry, that is, used chemistry!
4. Regenerated chemistry could contain contamination left over by previous user.
5. Very heavy to handle.
6. Higher price because of manufacturing & shipping cost.
7. Needs lots of storage space.
8. Contains up to 99% of water.
9. Need more frequently to place order. More purchasing job.
10. Inconsistent quality.
11. Shipping mixed chemical can give more air pollution by the trucks.
12. More job on returning bottles.


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